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Hi!I'm Geneva!

Looking for a home birth midwife in Denver? Want to become a doula or a midwife? Searching for some womb healing? I have spent the last 20 years diving into how to help parents REMEMBER that they already have EVERYTHING they need to have a magical pregnancy and birthing time. How to CONNECT with their babies on a soul level and CELEBRATE this sacred passage. And I LOVE teaching other birthkeepers, midwives, and doulas how to do the same! I am honored to share a tiny piece of your journey!

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Wisdom from the Womb

In my book,
Wisdom from the Womb: The Magic of a Baby-Led Birth,  you will learn how to hear and trust your baby through intentional practices of peaceful stillness and aligned movement. You will feel empowered to make the perfect choices for your birth through hearing both scientific evidence and the stories of other families who have learned to trust their babies. You can make your birth an experience beyond your wildest dreams, no matter the details of how it happens.

You deserve to know the magic of a baby led birth.  


Proceeds from this book will be donated to organizations that support birth in Colorado.

Womb Connections

I have created this video series of visual guides to enhance your experience with the exercises in my book, “Wisdom from the Womb”.

In each video, I will gently guide you in reprogramming your way of thinking resulting in a more connected and empowered pregnancy and birth. My goal is to help you to foster a deeper trust within yourself and your ability to birth your baby in the most magical way possible.

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About Geneva

Geneva Montano is a Colorado native and mother of four. She has been a birth worker since 2003 and
is a Registered and Professional Midwife in Denver, Certified Doula, Registered Yoga Teacher, CPR instructor, body and energy worker, teacher, mentor, author, artist, and activist. Geneva has had a lifelong passion for spirituality, art, and self-exploration. She believes that each birth teaches her and the families she serves the life lessons they have been seeking.


“I truly couldn't have had a better home birth experience if wanted it. Geneva is super knowledgeable and put our biggest fears to rest all while being very realistic. We felt educated, informed, and in control of our decisions and welcomed a happy baby boy into the world in our own home!!”


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Work with Me

I am a midwife, mentor/educator, and womb/spirit healing practitioner who believes birth is a spiritual event. I help parents release fear and shame around birth and teach other birthkeepers to do the same.

I work with a partner, Sena Johnson. Two midwives means you and your family are that much more supported!
Learn more about our Sacred Birth team.

Are you a parent or expecting parent?

Birth is meant to be magical. Through connection with your baby, and your body’s innate wisdom we can make this happen! We learn many powerful lessons through our birth journeys and I want to help you understand these lessons on a soul level so you feel whole and healed at the end of this chapter. 

Home birth is SAFER for low risk pregnancies.

I offer classes for parents, a monthly membership for pregnancy and postpartum, and one on one healing sessions in addition to home birth services for those in the Denver area. 


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Are you a birth keeper (midwife, birth doula, postpartum doula, birth photographer...) or do you feel called to be?

Being a birth worker sounds magical and amazing… and IT IS! You get to be with birthing people and families in very powerful and intimate moments. You get to hold the door open for new humans to enter the world… It is a gift and an honor to work with birth..It is also very challenging work. Challenging physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… You will be challenged to learn and grow in ways you cannot yet understand. My goal is to help every woman who wants to be a birth pro THRIVE in this work.

I offer birth doula and postpartum doula workshops, training in spirit medicine and womb healing, and mentorship for birth and postpartum doulas and midwives. Plus healing sessions to work through your own lessons and coaching to build your business.


Your birth is sacred


If you are interested in switching to home birth we take late transfer families!

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"Geneva’s prenatal care mirrored exactly the information I received about my pregnancy from my traditional OB. However, her care went a step further, providing a deeper education and nurturing my own intuition as a mother. As a certified nurse midwife, Geneva’s mastery of skills is exceptional. She successfully navigated complications during my natural birth, all the while making me feel assured and empowered. On a soul level, as the woman who first caught my son as he entered the world, tears come to my eyes. If a midwife is a pillar a laboring woman can lean on in the powerful portal of Birth, Geneva’s roots run deep, and her branches extend far, far into the sky. She held sacred space facilitating my home birth and delivering my baby. I am forever grateful."

Stephanie, Mom to Arlo

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