Your Birth is Sacred!

Home Birth in and around the Denver area

Traditional Homebirth and Midwifery Care
in Which All Bodies and All Babies Are Honored

If you are not getting the care you deserve,  and are interested in switching to home birth we take late-transfer families.


Prenatal Care

Regular prenatal care is important for the health of the birthing person and the baby. We believe that receiving prenatal care in a spiritual, community-centered context, benefits the birthing team and the world. We offer sacred birth circles and community events at several metro area locations or virtually throughout the month.

We consider these part of pre- and postnatal care. In addition, each of your prenatal visits will have time for movement, meditation, teachings about pregnancy, birth, or parenting, conversation, expression, and/or parent blessings. Each prenatal is sacred. We encourage you to explore different techniques to connect to your divine body and your divine baby. 

We ask that you schedule a prenatal visit at least:

  • Once each month through 28 weeks,
  • Every two weeks from 28-36 weeks,
  • Every week after 36 weeks until birth.

Healing Sessions: You will have the opportunity to schedule one on one sessions with your midwife if you book the Goddess Package. Time to connect, to know one another on a soul level. These sessions will be designed by you- you can choose spirit medicine, birth art, bodywork, energy work, henna, education... whatever feels right to you. These sessions are held at Geneva’s home office.

During our one-on-one times, we will also:

➤ Discuss matters of importance, concern, or interest;

➤ Review your family and medical history;

➤ Assess for risk factors for homebirth;

➤ Check vitals: weight, blood pressure, urinalysis, temp, and pulse as indicated;

➤ Evaluate your nutrition, making recommendations where necessary;

➤ Assess fetal growth activity and determine fetal position

➤ Measure fundal height;

➤ Listen to the fetal heart beat;

➤ Perform individualized laboratory tests as indicated

➤ Pap smear or other vaginal cultures (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, GBS), as indicated;

➤ Laboratory testing of antibodies, CBC, Genetic Screenings, Quad Screens, and a Glucose Tolerance Test will be offered.

"If you want to have a magical sacred supportive pregnancy home birth midwife near me and postpartum, hire Geneva. She is an outstanding home birth midwife in Denver and a beautiful spirit inside and out. She has a mastery of skills and experience that would be hard to find anywhere else. We are beyond grateful to have found her and her team. Our home birth service in Denver was probably the best experience of our lives!"


Labor and Birth

Birth is inherently sacred! We hold space for you to make this to look however you want it to look. Throughout your pregnancy we will give you resources to create the birth you want to have. Ultimately we have no control over how your birth goes… but we can create a sacred space and honor all members of this experience no matter what happens.

We will discuss your plans and what your midwives’ roles are at your 36 week visit and do all we can to ensure you have positive memories of your birth.


Are you looking for Denver home birth midwife? you are in the perfect place. During the birth, our primary role is to ensure the health and safety of all members of the birth team (physical, mental, and spiritual health). Some things we do include:

  • Physical, emotional, spiritual and informational assistance during labor;
  • Checking progress of labor (vaginal exams done only when necessary);
  • Assessing the position of baby in-utero;
  • Monitoring fetal well-being through intermittent fetal monitoring with a Doppler
  • Surveying the condition of the birthing person and checking in with their needs
  • Checking vital signs;
  • “Catching” the baby or assisting another member of the birth team to “catch”;
  • Helping with the delivery of the placenta & controlling bleeding;
  • Monitoring the uterus and bleeding;
  • Assessing for any perineal tears;
  • Performing a thorough examination of the baby;
  • Cord cutting;
  • Cleaning up the birth linens and preparing the postpartum bed;
  • Ensuring the birthing person has urinated, has food and drink, and is stable
  • Offering Vitamin K and eye prophylaxis;
  • Assisting with nursing/breastfeeding as needed.
"Geneva's care throughout my pregnancy and birth was unlike anyone else’s. Not only was she thorough on the medical side, but she was everything I needed emotionally. During birth she knew when I truly needed her care and when I just needed her to hold space for me. I'll never forget the role she played during the most amazing experience of my life."


Pospartum Care

The first few hours, days, weeks postpartum are an integral piece of your overall experience and we strive to make them sacred as well. In all cultures throughout history this time was honored. It is a necessary time of healing, bonding, and new beginnings. We will discuss ways to honor the birthing person and the baby and you will pick how you want this to look. It is required in our practice that sacred space is held in your home for at least a week. We visit you at home 24-36 hours after the birth, again after your milk has come in around 3-4 days and again at 7-10 days. Throughout the postpartum period we remain in phone contact with you and will have additional appointments with you at your home as needed. We offer a 3-4 week in home check up if desired and at 6 weeks postpartum a complete well woman exam and pap smear (if needed) and your final private healing session. We encourage you to continue attending support circles after the birth with your baby as long as you like. Community and ceremony are an important part of parenting and growing families.

We offer all mandatory newborn screenings and file a birth certificate with the state of Colorado.

"Geneva was our homebirth midwife in Denver for our first birth. We had a wonderful water birth at home and everything turned out perfect, thanks to the incredible care Geneva and the birth team provided. Geneva specifically was wonderful and supportive all around - emotionally, and spiritually and she has extensive midwifery and healthcare expertise. She provided vital information from when I was about 26 weeks into my pregnancy all the way through labor and delivery until postpartum. She’s knowledgeable, compassionate, calm under pressure, helped us make informed decisions, and has a good sense of humor. I would definitely recommend Geneva to families." 


Water Birth and VBAC are Great Options!



Most people who have had a cesarean birth are great candidates for home birth or natural vaginal birth in the hospital. People who have had multiple cesarean births but have also had a vaginal birth are also candidates. ACOG agrees that vaginal births are safer even after a previous cesarean birth. We are experienced in supporting people through a trial of labor after cesarean and we believe that a focus on the sacred is the perfect way to let a new pregnancy be a part of your healing process. We would love to talk to you about the possibility of homebirth or doula/monitrice services in the hospital. We also support women who choose repeat cesarean or find cesarean becomes a necessary option. Sacred care is available for all pregnant people.


Water Birth


Water has the ability to protect, soothe, and remove negative energy. It is a tool that benefits many women both physically and spiritually during labor and birth. We are very experienced with monitoring baby, checking dilation, and catching babies in the water.  Babies born in the water experience a more gentle entrance, they remain between two worlds a moment longer. We bring them up to breathe immediately. You can purchase your own birth pool or use one of ours.


Fees for Homebirth

Goddess Package



Two Experienced Denver Midwives for the price of one! Full prenatal and postnatal care

Attendance at your labor and birth

A birth doula (1 prenatal, labor, birth, and 1 postpartum visit)

3 prenatal body or energy work sessions

 2 Yoni Steams (1 prenatal, 1 postnatal)

Discounts on Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Ancestral Healing

Access to Online Community and Womb Warrior Membership

Hypnobabies Childbirth Class (Self-Study)

In person Home birth Childbirth Class

Pelvic and/or Nervous System Reset at each visit

Meditation to connect to baby at each visit

Home Blessing

Birth Pool Rental including Liner

Birth Kit

2 Postpartum Herbal Baths

Placenta Encapsulation

Pelvic Floor Rebuilding Session (4-12 weeks postpartum)

Womb Closing Ceremony (4-12 weeks postpartum)

($5,555 without the doula)

Sacred Birth Package



Two Experienced Denver Midwives for the price of one! Full prenatal and postpartum care

Attendance at your labor and birth

Discounts on Body Work, Energy Work, Pelvic Floor Work, and more

Access to Online Community and Womb Warrior Membership

Hypnobabies Childbirth Class (Self-Study)

In person Home birth Childbirth Class

 2 Pelvic and/or Nervous System Resets

2 Meditations to connect to baby

Birth Pool Rental

Womb Closing Ceremony (4-12 weeks postpartum)

All Access Pass

$2,777 - $4,111

We work on a sliding scale for one client per month, offering the Sacred Birth Package at a discounted rate.

It is an integral part of our philosophy that this type of care is accessible to all people. 

We ask that if you can pay more, that you do. This allows us to care for people who cannot pay as much. Please discuss with us what your needs and situation are. If you are committed to having sacred care, we are committed to helping you get it.  If you are in a situation of hardship, please let us know what you think you can pay. We accept payment plans, trade or barter arrangements for a portion of the fee as well. A non-refundable deposit of 15% of the total fee is appreciated at the first visit.

The average homebirth in the Denver Metro area is $5000. The average energy/healing session is $100/hr. The average hospital birth (without insurance) costs well over $10,000 (this does not include prenatal or postpartum care). If you feel like you are in an average financial situation, with regular income, please consider paying the full $4,777. 

You are welcome to join our sacred birth circles or book healing sessions anytime even if you are not a current Sacred Birth client.


The cost of your care includes:

  • Complete and comprehensive prenatal care, tailored to your specific needs;

  • Womb Warrior Membership (by donation)

  • A Birthing Class

  • Attending your labor & birth;

  • 6 weeks of postpartum care & nursing/breastfeeding consultation;

  • Filing of State birth certificate & required Newborn Screening;

  • Education & birth preparation;

  • 24 hour On-Call service via phone or home visits as necessary by TWO experienced Denver Midwives.

The cost of your care does not include:

  • Lab fees (OB Panels, Pap and cultures, GBS screening, and other labs as needed);

  • Other services your pregnancy might require such as chiropractic care, acupuncture etc;

  • RhoGam, antibiotics, or any other medications or supplements;

  • Any referral for ultrasounds;

  • Physician consult/service fees or hospital fees;

  • Birth tub liners, and sterile birth kit

  • Newborn Screening Fees from the state;

  • Insurance Billing Fee;

  • Additional Classes you choose to attend;

  • Required Supplies for homebirth.

Fees for Doula Services

Geneva and Sena do not provide Doula Services. However, we work with a network of amazing Doulas!

These doulas offer discounted services to our Denver Home Birth clients, and often work on a sliding scale. Most people pay $1000-$2500 for an experienced doula. We have lower cost options available.


Payment Agreements:

We allow you to create a payment arrangement that works best for your family.

We ask you pay in cash or check or by Zelle to help keep our costs low.  (Paying by card is possible, just not preferable.)

We ask for payment at each visit to ensure that everyone's needs are met.

We are open to trade/barter arrangements for a portion of costs in many cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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