Your Birth is Sacred

We believe that pregnancy and birth can be a healing experience. Through education, empowered choices, and connection with your baby, you can have a magical birth expereince. 

If you are interested in switching to home birth we take late transfer families. Our current clients love our holistic, home birth midwife practice in the Denver area.


The Sacred Birth Choice Difference

We believe pregnancy, birth and babies offer us the opportunity to remember that life is sacred-meaning life is special, each moment and each breath are full of possibility.

 The model of care that we offer is based on this belief.

We are committed to:

  • Creating community
  • Keeping homebirth accessible
  • Treating each birthing person, their families and their experiences as unique and sacred
  • Remembering that your body is doing something AMAZING and treating it accordingly

Your Pregnancy is Sacred

In addition to regular prenatal care, you will have the opportunity to join in regularly scheduled virtual meetups through the Womb Warrior Membership, plus park days, family teas, womb blessings, childbirth classes and more. Getting to know your midwives on a personal level!

Each prenatal visit has time for counseling, healing touch, teachings about pregnancy, birth, or parenting, and standard prenatal care as needed. We cover all the routine vital checks etc, but also make time to share space together, to build a relationship of trust and to know one another on a soul level.

Participating in the womb warrior membership is highly encouraged for clients, as community is an important part of growing a family, but is open to anyone by donation (no one turned away)!

“All I wanted for my first pregnancy and birth was to be able to do something that women have done as long as humans have existed...
a birth without all the fear, the sterile environment, the medical jargon and the disconnect between myself, my baby and the process of a portal opening.
 However, I truly got so much more while having Geneva as our midwife. I became a warrior; from my first right of passage.
I became a mother and I got an inch closer to reclaiming my humanity.”

Karissa, Mom to Ymani & Huitzil

Womb and Spirit Sessions Are Included with Some Packages

➤ Once per trimester (including the 4th trimester) you can have a private one on one session with a midwife.  Time to connect, to know one another on a soul level.

➤ These Healing Sessions with your midwife are available and are designed by you- you can choose birth art, body work, energy work, pelvic floor work, ceremony, yoga, deeper education... whatever feels right to you.


Accessible Care

➤ All services are offered on a sliding scale.

➤ Children and partners are welcome. (Please let us know they are coming)

The Sacred Birth Choice Philosophy

Birth is meant to be magical. Through connection with your baby, and your body’s innate wisdom we can make this happen! We learn many powerful lessons through our birth journeys and I want to help you understand these lessons on a soul level so you feel whole and healed at the end of this chapter.

Birth, pregnancy, babies, and bodies are inherently sacred. We encourage you to find the techniques that will make your unique experience feel the most sacred to you and your birth team.

Midwives (and all people) are healers. They are skilled specialists in normal birth, pregnancy and postpartum, and can detect when things are venturing away from normal and offer advice, counseling, resources and referrals as necessary.

You are the expert on your own body, spirit, and baby.

Pregnancy and birth can be a healing experience. We believe in all types of healing (medical, energy, western, eastern, anything in between!) and that all healing is self healing. We encourage you to find the modalities that work best for you.

Every person should have access to high quality care and informed choice.

Every person has the right to educate themselves regarding pregnancy, birth, and babies, and then birth in the way they decide is best.

Community is a necessity. It takes a village to raise a child and to love a pregnant person, too! Your “tribe” is important to your experience.

Sacred Birth Choice Commitments

➥ We are committed to providing accessible care for low-risk birthing people of all race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, and ability.

➥ We acknowledge that marginalized populations, particularly communities of color are deeply impacted by health inequities.

➥ We are committed to honoring and listening to the experiences of birthing people from these communities, educating ourselves, acknowledging our own privilege, and taking action to reduce birth-related harm in these communities.

➥ We are always open to feedback from our clients and community as to how we can continue to grow and support change in the birthing experiences of people in the Denver area and nationwide

“Geneva isn’t just a birthworker. She is a healer, a listener, a guide, and an advocate. She advocates for you when you feel lost in the birthing process, lost in your new role as a mother, lost in your new body. She advocates for your innate knowledge , for the thousands of ancestors who also birthed, for the strength and power you didn't even know you had. I am so grateful to have found her, and to have been given the opportunity to trust her with mine and my baby's life. Geneva is an artist. She embodies an art form that had long been forgotten, the picture that she paints is exactly what's been missing from our worlds; A Sacred Birth.”


Fern, Mom to Ashea & Wahinkpe Ohitika

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