Womb Connections

I have created this video series of visual guides to enhance your experience with the exercises in my book, “Wisdom from the Womb”.

In each video, I will gently guide you in reprogramming your way of thinking resulting in a more connected and empowered pregnancy and birth. My goal is to help you to foster a deeper trust within yourself and your ability to birth your baby in the most magical way possible.

These videos are supportive not just for expecting parents, but also those looking to create a deeper connection or healing with their womb space or higher self, and for birthkeepers, midwives, doulas to support their clients as well.


About Geneva

Geneva Montano
is a Colorado native and mother of four. She has been a birth worker since 2003 and is a Registered and Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Doula, Registered Yoga Teacher, CPR instructor, body and energy worker, teacher, mentor, author, artist, and activist.

Geneva has had a lifelong passion for spirituality, art, and self-exploration. She believes that each birth teaches her and the families she serves the life lessons they have been seeking.

Meditation with Ma Gagna- Rishikesh, India

“In an experience that feels like there are countless decisions to be made, Geneva carves an intuitive path to bringing your baby smoothly and calmly into the world with her beautiful words and wisdom. Her book gently reminds the reader that, no matter your experience in pregnancy or birth, the answers you seek are within your womb.”

Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein, filmmakers, The Business of Being Born

What you'll get:

20 videos ranging from 2-20 minutes, covering areas like: Balancing Fear, Channeling the Mother Goddess, Connecting to your Fetal Self, and Giving gratitude to your organs

Learn Kundalini Kriyas that have been scientifically proven to repattern neural pathways in the brain.

Guided Meditations to settle your spirit, help you sleep, and reduce fear around birth.

Easy to follow practices that you can do anytime, anywhere to encourage a deeper connection with you and your baby.

“Geneva's compelling stories will take you on a journey of understanding the importance of MotherBaby love and connection that begins in the womb and that will guide you to claim your power in birth and parenthood. This is a midwife's tale of transformation that will support you in connecting to your baby and your body and will open you to the miracles of birth in new ways. Birth is a day that impacts and sets the foundation for your baby and your relationships. There is no greater investment than in preparing for birth with love and connection. Geneva gives you a treasure of knowledge that will engage and inspire you and your baby to a lifelong relationship of trust and love.”

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Author, Orgasmic Birth

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