Meet Sena Johnson, RM, Senior Midwife


Sena is a 3rd generation Colorado native and mother of five adult children, one in the hospital, and a second born at home plus three bonus children.

Sena knew that homebirth was her passion when she had an HBAC (home birth after cesarean) with her second. She completed her midwifery training and moved back to her home state of Colorado in 1987 and has been practicing as a senior midwife for over 35 years.

Sena has helped with over 1100 births.

Here’s a long list of some of Sena's Experience and Credentials:


  • Co-founded a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) support group in Arlington, Texas in 1985

  • Co-founded the Cesarean Prevention Movement (now ICAN) Denver chapter in 1988

  • Founding member of the Colorado Alliance of Independent Midwives (CAIM) in 2010, where she served on the council for a decade

  • ¬†Spent two years studying the Association of Texas Midwives correspondence course to prepare for her formal apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeship completed with a Fort Worth midwife, Vicki Roy Patsdauter, between 1985-1986

  • Spent a year assisting births and teaching birth classes in the Dallas area following her apprenticeship

  • Certified as a midwife with Colorado Midwives Association (CMA) from 1992-1999

  • Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy Training and Integrative Cranial Therapy Advanced Manual Medicine by Peggy Daugherty, ND, CMT. 2002
  • Upledger Foundation CranioSacral Therapy I 2002, CranioSacral Therapy II. 2003.
  • Cranial Sacral Care Level 1, Colorado Chiropractic Association workshop by Carol Phillips, DC. 2003
  • Non-Violent Communication trainings, workshops, and practice groups. 2006 to 2010
  • Human Relations Communication Skills Course, LLLI, 2008.
  • Basic Mediation Training, University of Colorado at Denver. 2008
  • American Heart Association Adult and Infant CPR. Current.
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certification. Current.¬†


Meet Kat!

A compassionate doula, a Colorado native, and a guiding light to birthing individuals. Kat's commitment to motherhood has been a fulfilling journey that has led her to discover her passion for helping others navigate the transformative process of childbirth.

As a devoted stay-at-home mom to her daughter, Meadow, Kat has dedicated herself to instilling in her daughter the belief that anything is possible. She is passionate about empowering expectant parents to find their inner strength and confidently navigate their unique birthing experiences.

Kat's doula practice is grounded in her deep understanding of the transformative power of birth. She is a source of unwavering support, compassion, and advocacy for her clients, ensuring that every birthing individual receives the care and attention they deserve. Her artistic background infuses her practice with creativity and sensitivity, enriching her perspective and approach to every birthing space.

Kat's ultimate aspiration is to help every birthing individual craft an empowering birth narrative that celebrates their inner strength. With her compassionate care and unwavering support, Kat is dedicated to making every birthing experience unforgettable and empowering.



Meet Hirut!


Hirut is originally from Ethiopia but lived most of her life in London, before relocating to Denver with her son March 2019. 

Before her own birth story led her to birth work, Hirut worked as a surgical assistant in London for 5 years. Her role always involved supporting and caring for others and using comfort measures on patients to relax them while they were undergoing surgical procedures using only local anesthesia.

Hirut is now a certified birth doula and a trained postpartum doula, to best serve clients, she has taken additional training such as infant massage, basic life support CPR & AED for Adults and Babies, trauma-informed care, and community and home birth. 

Hirut strongly believes that we are worthy of a positive birth story no matter who we are and where and how we choose to birth our children.

As a professional in the birth and baby community, Hirut strives to doula clients throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey so that expecting families feel respected, empowered, cared for and love their journey to parenthood.

Meet Dria!


Dria is a Colorado native, a true mountain-loving gal. She is a wife and mother to a high-spirited, loving little girl. She finds joy in all things metaphysical and loves comedy as well as all things art! She believes in energy, divinity, and living your life with appreciation for all the abundance that comes into our lives.
Currently, she serves the Greater Denver Area as a Holistic Birth and Postpartum doula. Her eventual goal is to serve as a certified midwife.
Dria will support you in your moments of vulnerability and your moments of strength.  She is thankful for having the space with you on your sacred journey and feels honored to serve you with her hands and heart. She believes in the best you, and that your power is divine. She will always honor your wishes, remind you of your goals, and be there to cheer you on.

Meet Forest!


I am a mother, a birth keeper, a lover of the moon and a believer in the power of women. Ever since I started my journey in birth work I have been so in love with the magic and power of the sacred feminine along with the strength that is shared in the birth space.

While I am so thankful for my 2 beautiful daughters and the woman they have helped me become, I did not have support or encouragement in my birth space. I still struggle with this today, though I believe that these experiences have given me a passion to keep the birth space a place for absolute autonomy and I strive to be the support that each birthing person needs.

If I enter your space, I want to fall in line with your energy and support your physical or emotional needs to bring about a birth story that is empowering.

Meet Jenna!


Jenna Sezionale Basilicato is a Denver based birth doula who was initiated into birthwork by her desire to deepen with her coaching clients over many seasons and phases of life. Most that choose to invite Jenna to witness them on their journey are called to birth as a space of initiation, ceremony, and transformation. Jenna is grateful for the opportunities to bring ceremony into the birthing space and to honor your unique Matrescence (the birth of the Mother) journey.
When Jenna is not attending births she is facilitating women's groups, retreats, offering 1:1 coaching, guiding journeys, teaching workshops, or leading transformational travel trips. 
Jenna would be honored to walk with you as you descend into the many layers of motherhood over and over again. She is here to witness the radiance that is YOU as you discover more and more of who you are, what you desire, and what is important to you on pregnancy, birth and matresence journey. 

Meet Penny, Doula Trainer!


Penny brings the wisdom of age and information, working in the field since 1976 as a doula and has been a DONA-Approved trainer since 2012.  

Penny is a mother of 4, grandmother of 7, and mentor to hundreds of doulas. Between Geneva and Penny, the two of them have attended over 1200 births.

The strategic values provided by Penny and Geneva in their workshops, which separates them from other trainers, is their dedication to their students and their continuing commitment as mentors.

"Supporting / Mentoring Doulas has become the very hallmark of my soul. The value of this Doula Program does not speak to what I do but in reality, it represents who I am."

 Student Midwives

Meet Ambrosia!


Ambrosia and her partner of nineteen years raise two children, 10 and 16, in Arvada, Colorado. Family trips, camping adventures, and skiing bring a beautiful balance into her life. Ambrosia has served hundreds of families as a birth and postpartum doula since officially launching her professional services in 2016. Prior to taking on her role of childbirth educator and postpartum nurturer, Ambrosia served as a surrogate carrying twins for a family overseas. What Ambrosia loves most about birth work is committing to being the calmest energy in the room. Embodying safety allows her to support birthing people into connecting with their innate knowledge.

Ambrosia is a Full Spectrum Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation Education Specialist, and Childbirth Educator. Ambrosia has an extensive background in supporting teen mothers in underserved communities. She has been an Evidence Based Birth¬ģ in the past but is currently dedicating her studies as a full-time student with The Midwives College of Utah and the Sacred¬† Birth Choice team.

Here to support your home birth and doula training needs!


Meet Brienna!


My name is Brienna, however I go by Brie. I’m a Leo baby and very proud of that! I was born in WI, but my dads side of the family hail from New Awlins ( New Orleans) and Jamaica. My life was spent between WI and LA. I am a mama to a 17 year old daughter,  16 year old daughter, and a one year old baby boy, a 17 year old bonus daughter and a 10 year old bonus son. My husband and I were married in July of this year, and I have been together going on four years, and I am loving it! My background is in psychology, social work, and business. I have worked with people ranging from prenatal through end of life. I have experience working with battered and trafficked woman and children, our homeless friends, disabled both mentally and physically, and many more underserved individuals.

I am so excited to now be joining Geneva of Sacred Birth. Our paths crossed during my pregnancy with our son. Geneva was my midwife during our home birth and I couldn’t be more grateful to be working alongside her now. 

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