Midwife and Sacred Home Birth 

Home Birth

Your birth is sacred! Home birth in and around the Denver area. Traditional homebirth and midwifery care in which all bodies and all babies are honored. If you are not getting the care you deserve, and are interested in switching to home birth we take late-transfer families.


The Sacred Birth Choice Difference

We have a team of two experienced midwives to support you. Plus doulas, student midwives, classes, an online and in person community, healing body and energy work and more! 

We believe that pregnancy and birth can be a healing experience. Through education, empowered choices, and connection with your baby, you can have a magical birth experience. 


About Geneva

Hello, I'm Geneva! I can't wait to meet you! 

Homebirth Midwife, Mentor, Spirit Medicine and Womb Healing!


About the Sacred Birth Choice Team

Meet our homebirth midwives and doulas!

We would łove to support you in your sacred birth experience. 


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