It’s time to build an aligned and consistent birth practice

Hey, birthkeeper!

Maybe you took a doula workshop or maybe you’ve just read all the books or attended a few births. Maybe you even attended a midwifery college! You know in your heart that birth work is your calling but you just aren’t sure how to turn that calling into a living.

Being a birthkeeper seems so magical and the space so sacred and fragile. And it is! Keeping it that way, maintaining the essence of authentic birthkeeping while also being professional, knowing how to set boundaries, and making money is a delicate balance.

I’m here to guide you as you find your way to building a profitable birth business that is authentic to who you are AND brings in consistent clients so you can ditch your side-gig and become a full-time birthkeeper without ditching your values around birth or your self-worth.


How will I know this is for me?


You’ll know the Holistic Birthkeeper Mentorship is for you if you...

👉 Have the training and knowledge necessary to be a birthkeeper but lack the experience or confidence to begin building your business or offering birth support.

Want to feel more confident at prenatals, births, and postpartum appointments, but you aren’t sure how to provide the best support for your clients (or what they really need).

👉 Know you want to build a full-time birth business, but aren’t sure how to advertise yourself, how to value your work and what to charge for your services, or how to write client agreements (yikes, paperwork!).

👉 Are ready to feel supported and witnessed in your journey, and you want to be expertly guided by someone who really knows what they’re doing in the birth world.

👉 Know that there is more to a “healthy mom and healthy baby” than everyone being alive at the end. 

👉 Want to offer holistic, integrative care to your clients. Being a cookie cutter doula won’t make your heart happy.

"Geneva has been my birth work mentor for many years and many classes. Her approach to pregnancy and birth is deeply rooted. She truly encapsulates what it means to be a wise woman, passing birth knowledge on to  generations of women and birth workers after her. Everytime I have completed a  training or mentorship with Geneva I have felt so inspired and  empowered afterwards. Her love and authenticity is palpable."


The Details

This 9-month mentorship program is designed to help you build confidence, learn who you are as a birthkeeper, collaborate with other birth professionals, consistently attract ideal clients, and have more fun at your births!

You will have access to:

✅ 2 live calls per month 
(for peer-to-peer birth review and holistic professional development)

Weekly emails from Geneva to help you go deeper in your work and life. These will guide you into deeper spaces of your mind, body, and spirit so you can be the birthkeeper you are meant to be:  fear clearing exercises, business building challenges, oracle card readings, and more! 

✅ Lessons from Guest Speakers on topics that interest you most! (1 per trimester)

Individual Coaching Sessions with Geneva (1 per trimester)

✅ Skills Sessions to Develop and Practice Techniques (1 per trimester)

✅ 25% Discounts on additional 1-on-1 coaching

✅ 15% Discount on additional courses

✅ Phone Support and mentoring through 3 births, including pre and post natal appointments and the birthing time. Feedback, pointers and love from Geneva real time as you support your birthing folks!

✅ FREE access to Womb Warrior Membership

✅ FREE access to the Womb Connections video series

✅ A community of professional birthworkers who are building thriving holistic birth businesses, just like you!

You have the passion and training.

Now, you just need someone to walk beside you as you bridge the gap between part-time novice doula and full-time birthkeeper with a thriving business.


"I can now say that I am a very successful doula. I am super happy to be friends with Geneva and I believe that she is a great resource to all aspiring doulas and aspiring midwives."


There are birthing people out there RIGHT NOW who are WAITING for the UNIQUE SUPPORT you offer! They are searching for you as they navigate their birth journey, wishing they had you to walk with them. Find your way into your authentic power so they can find you!

As an apprentice in the Holistic Birthkeeper Mentorship Group - in addition to our virtual calls and activations - you will also have access to Geneva’s in-person birth and family circles, village womb blessings, and childbirth education, and infant CPR classes. 

Meet and mingle with other birthkeepers, pregnant people, and families who love birth!

This is for you if you:

✅ Have done a doula training workshop
or have attended a few births as birth support

Want to further your career as a doula / midwife / birthkeeper

✅ Have felt “imposter syndrome” as you tried to start your birth business

✅ Feel called to connect with a community of holistic birthworkers

✅ Desire additional support from professionals and peers as you develop your birthkeeping business

✅ Are ready to take a deep look at yourself as you discover your path and power

✅ Want to feel strong in your ability to empower birthing people

✅ Know that birth is sacred and want to offer care that reflects this

This is not for you if you:

❌ Don’t want to expand your knowledge and skills around birth

❌ Are already confident in building a birth business, and don’t need the support

❌ Don’t need or want a community who you can learn and grow with

❌ Think you need to keep taking course upon course in order to be a successful birthkeeper

❌ Believe birth in our culture is already being handled well

❌ Feel you don’t need to work on yourself to be a birthworker

❌ Are just doing birth work for the money

❌ Are not ready to take the next steps in attracting dream clients and growing a successful and aligned business as a birthkeeper


Hi, I’m Geneva Montano, CPM


I have a passion for serving women and birthing families and connecting with people on a deep and supportive level, and it is my life’s calling to guide others toward their own holistic healing and growth. 

Throughout my lifetime I have been searching for ways to feel more connected to the divine and to myself, and as a yoga teacher, EFT and hypnosis practitioner, body and energy worker and spiritual coach, I have guided many others as they have done the same.

Having nearly two decades of experience in the birth space, as a childbirth educator, doula and soon after as a midwife, I have a deep understanding of physiological birth.

I also have an understanding of what it takes to build a thriving birth business. 

Through this Mentorship Group, my intention is to help new birthkeepers step into their power, align with their authentic truth, and gain a holistic understanding of how to best support their clients along the birth continuum.

I am so glad you are here.


To Recap...

As a member of the Holistic Birthkeeper Mentorship, you’ll get

🙌 Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Practices to Build Your Birth Business
🤩 Coaching Calls with Geneva
🎉 Guest Expert Workshops
🔥 Skills & Techniques Practice
🥳 Business Development Challenges
🥰 Peer-Review Mastermind
😀 Holistic Birth Community

Are you ready to step into your power as a holistic birthkeeper, and build a successful and aligned birth business?

Yes? I look forward to this journey together!

Join the Holistic Birthkeeper Mentorship Today

Option 1

Only $555

Life Time Access - One time payment
or $33-$55 donation per month as long as you would like access to the course

  • Self guided course. As you work through each module, the next will become available to you.
  • Start anytime you want!
  • It takes most people about a year to complete the course.
  • There is A LOT of information and action items included in this course. Everything you need to be a successful and confident birthkeeper.
  • You will be able to see pieces of other participant's work and comments, even though you will not be actively involved in the weekly calls.
  • You will have access to recorded past guest speakers and q&a sessions
  • New content is added monthly!
  • Only $33-$55 donation per month as long as you would like access to the course.
  • Lifetime access is $555 one time payment

BONUS 1: Monthly peer review is included! Talk to Geneva and other peers and mentors about your business, your births, and all things birthkeeping! First Tuesday of the month at 6pm MST 

BONUS 2: 22% Discount on other courses, workshops, and coaching with Geneva for a year (or the time you are enrolled in the courses)!



Life Time Access - One Time Payment


$33-$55 donation per month as long as you would like access to the course  



Option 2
( Recommended)


Life Time Access - One Time Payment
or $111 Monthly Payment

  • Full Guided course. 
  • Weekly calls and support from a community going through the course with you.
  • This course has A LOT of information and action items included. Everything you need to be a successful and confident birthkeeper. 
  • You will get out of it what you put into it.
  • Your presence, wisdom and experience are needed in order to create the learning environment that will support the most growth for everyone participating!
  • Each week we will go through one module. You will get access to the new module every Sunday.
  • There will be assignments each week that will take a minimum of 1-2 hours, but that you could spend MUCH longer on if you choose.
  • Every Friday we will have a call to discuss the week's topic and a q&a session. These calls will be recorded.
  • There are community message boards to share other thoughts and your assignments.
  • This is a 9 month commitment! You are growing your confidence, knowledge and business over 9 months just as birthing people need 9 months to grow their babies.
  • You will have lifetime access to the content and recordings!
  • Only $111 per month investment or pay in full for a discount $911
BONUS 1: Monthly peer review is included! Talk to Geneva and other peers and mentors about your business, your births, and all things birthkeeping! First Tuesdays at 6pm MST
BONUS 2: Guest speakers on relevant birthy topics once per trimester.
BONUS 3: One on one Coaching calls with Geneva once per trimester.
BONUS 4: Text and phone support with clients as needed when you are out on the field during the mentorship program.
BONUS 5: 22% Discount on other courses, workshops, and coaching with Geneva!


Life Time Access- One Time Payment


$111 Monthly


"Dedicated, passionate, justice-orientated, hardworking and full of love and light are just a few of the words that describe Geneva. She has given her whole heart and life to helping doulas realize their full potential. Just as she has supported and brought forth the power that lays within each of the birthers she has served, she does the same for aspiring doulas. I have never had a mentor that believed in me more than Geneva. She tirelessly devotes time to me and countless others. There are many options to further your education as a doula but you won’t find another mentor as passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated!"


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