Healing Services for the Womb and Spirit

Available in Denver
 or Online!

Holistic, Spiritual Care for your Body, Womb, and Spirit.

**Provided by a Certified Professional Midwife with certifications in Yoga, Pelvic Floor Care, Womb Massage, EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis, Astrology, Quantum Transformation, Spiritual Coaching and more!** 

Your wounds and traumas live in your body. Healing can happen and you are the one that creates the healing in your own life, from the seat of your creative spaces...

Your womb.

Spirit Medicine Packages

Magical Baby-Led Pregnancy

Price: $366

Receive 3 Prenatalnatural healing massage services and Preparation Sessions with Geneva. These sessions will address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation for birth. Each time we spend together will be co-created by me, you, and baby to best suit your needs at that time. Sessions may include: womb massage, full body massage, nervous system balancing, pelvic balancing,  pelvic floor work, visualization, emotional tissue, fear or limiting belief clearing. If something else is needed, we will do something else! Three 60-90 minute sessions.

Magical Postpartum Package

Price: $711

Receive 3 Postpartumhealing service Sessions with Geneva in your home. These nourishing sessions will address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs after birth. Each visit will include a meal, an herbal bath or yoni steam, body and/or energy work, and sacred time for you to share your story. Additional services include womb massage, belly wrapping, nervous system balancing, pelvic floor work, visualization, limiting belief clearing and closing your bones. 3- Two hour sessions.

Womb Warrior Healing Package

Price: $611

3 Womb and Sacralhealing service Sessions with Geneva in your home or hers. If you experienced any kind of birth trauma or feel open or imbalanced even years postpartum, these sessions will offer healing and closure, affirming and remembering the warrior you are! Each visit includes a meal, an herbal bath or yoni steam, body and/or energy work, and sacred time for you to share your story. Plus Rebirthing or Womb Closing Ceremonies, pelvic floor work, pelvic & nervous system balancing, emotional clearing & more will be offered as needed by your heart and body! 3- Two hour sessions.

Remote Healing Connections Package

Price: $311

For those who are unable to come in person for services, a package is available to receive remote healing services in Denver, education, fear clearing, birth planning, and more. You do not need to be in person to heal your own body, and all healing is your body healing itself. ALWAYS. The package will be determined based on your personal needs. All Packages can also be purchased as single sessions. 3 90 minute sessions.

Womb Healing

Price: 1 Session $111
Price: 3 Sessions $311
Price: 7 Sessions $711

omb Healing and Spirit Medicine Sessions are designed to release energy that has gotten stuck in your body through previous experiences including birth, loss, traumas, ancestral grief, and more. They include a combination of Touch,  Body Work, Sound, Plant Medicine, Crystals, Movement, Energy Work, Meditation, Journeying, Ancestral Healing, Soul Retrieval, Oils/Sprays/Smokes, Invoking Spirit Guides or Angels,  Prayer, Hypnosis, Quantum Timeline Journeying, Pelvic Floor Therapy, and other spirit led techniques as desired. All sessions are directed by your intention and by spirit and are done in ceremony. Each session is 90 minutes and will looks different, designed to fit your intentions. These can be done in person or virtually.


Single Sessions

Closing the Bones

Price: $155

After each birth, this is a beautiful, traditional ceremony to close this chapter of your life with this baby, this birth, this version of you and plant seeds of intention for the next chapter. Includes smoke and plant medicine, sacred time for you to share your story, body and energy work, emotional clearing from your tissues, and the closing ceremony. This time is just for you, please have care for your children so you are able to receive all the healing and nurturing. 90 minutes.

Yoni Steams

Price: $88

A sacred time for you to clean and clear out any energy that might be stored in your sacral chakra tissues using steam and plant medicine, meditation, and light healing touch. This time is just for you, please care for your children so you are able to receive all the healing service and nurturing. If you choose to bring a baby, Geneva can care for them during your steam, but the touch portion will be unavailable. Sessions begin with tea, a footbath, and sharing your story and intentions for our time together. 60 minutes.

Pelvic Floor Release and Rebuilding

Price: $133

We store memories and trauma in our hips, sacrum, womb, and pelvic floor tissues. If you are having trouble with incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or feeling strong and grounded after birth, this work will help you reconnect to your lower chakras and release what is stored in those cells. Work may be internal or external and is often emotional. This work is incorporated into the packages Geneva offers or can be booked separately here. 60-90 minutes.


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